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General Plug Issue


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Nov 8, 2003
St. Helens, Liverpool, United Kingdom.
Hmmm. Well it's more of a question really. I have recently (this month) passed my test wahay! so my pandas seeing more of the road recently. I have a really annoying flat spot in power at say 2000-2500 rpm? and have serviced it but not changed the plugs as i wanted to experiment for a tad more pandapoke
Now the question is has anyone experimented with different plugs i.e. not the listed ones (NGK BCPR6E)
I have been told BKR7EVX Platium will fit all FIRE engines, but the local motor factors will only sell plugs for that car (BCPR6E).

Have any FIRE owner used different plugs, is there a difference?
Are all Panda/Uno/Punto (FIRE) plugs the same?
Have you used BKR7's before?
I had the bosch ones which seemed quite good, but with the engine swap I've no idea where they ended up....:(

0.7-0.8mm on the 999cc fire

Good spark plugs will make the car run clean and more smooth but there isn't what you call a performance item that will add more BHP etc as all it does is to deliver a spark at the right time, the cleaner & more powerfull the spark will produce less unburned fuel PPM and will run more efficiently.
Yes, the gap is 0.7-0.8mm with a 19mm thread? I think.

Anyways, I have come across a website that answers my questions above. (Extracts follow) ...

>>What is the difference between the ISO and JIS standards? (BCPR and BKR)

JIS is the 'Japanese Industrial Standard' and specifies the height of the spark plug from the gasket or tapered seat of the sparkplug to the top of the terminal nut (or threaded terminal) as 53mm. ISO is the 'International Standards Organisation' standard for spark plug height and is 2.5mm shorter than the JIS standard at 50.5mm. While the small difference in height will not affect most vehicles (ISO and JIS types can often be interchanged), some vehicles (particularly with direct fire ignition or specially fitted plug caps) MUST use the correct plug standard or a bad contact between plug and cap may be result.

>>Will I get a noticeable power increase if I replace my standard plugs with Iridium plugs?

Increases are dependant on current plugs, number of cylinders, cylinder capacity and a host of other details. The biggest increases seem to be from large engined vehicles with a large number of cylinders (eg 3.0L V6 and above). Having said that, any improvement on a small engined vehicle will be more noticeable. Please refer to our Iridium spark plugs for further information. If you are currently using very old/worn or incorrect spark plugs then replacing with a new set will almost always produce a noticeable increase in performance.

So BK and BCP are the same(ish)
R means resistor
6-7 is the heat range (7 is colder)
... and E is thread type.
VX means platium.

I have had a plan I shall fit standard NGK's and then fit NGK Platium X and see if I can tell the difference.
Halford's it is then! Results to follow.
The above is basically saying that if your engine is running poorly or not at it's best then a new set of plugs may help. I suggest that if your engine is running as it should then you won't notice any difference.....but your money your choice.
Thanks for the reply, you were correct as well.
I replaced the old ones which were battered and black so i guest it was the carb/mixture but with the new standard plugs i noticed the difference immediately. It was running near prefect.
With the platium ones it was the same new plug affect, you can only tell the difference on with the engine hot, but this is possibly due to them being a different heat range.
I then tweaked the mixture a bit and after half an hour messing with the gas machine I got "the beast running sweet".
So in conclusion, if it running funny it's probably due to somethink else and it's not really worth it ... (unless you know someone in halfords) lol, thanks neways
I blame you Mr Beast. as soon as I finished the last post I went out n bought n changed the plugs then thought I might as well do an Oil change, guess change :confused: But at least it'll do the engine some good :)
Meee! It's not my fault! To be honest I don't think that they had been changed in some time, but whatever a service never goes a miss, ehh. I have now completed my "petrol fire engine service schedule sheet" wahay.

So I am now ready for the challenge, my first trip at motorway speeds for long distances. Roadtrip to Bangor for a week (and I got all the luggage), only two weeks to go!
Just off to buy new rotor arm & dizzy cap then of to West Yorks tomorrow AM.
Going to Netherton near Wakefield via J34 to meet TonyM to see a very good mate from my BM site then meal etc, then on Sun to Stockport to see Jaff Fox & his engine. Perfect weekend I would say :D

Only drawback is I have to take the dogs so the Mrs won't moan, but they are great anyway.