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Styling Please help people...


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Feb 10, 2006
As said I am new and posting a message here. For some background I have a MK1 (i think - its a P Reg) black fiat punto. Really want to do some stuff with it but just not sure where to go. I am absolutely rubbish at DIY so would always want someone to do car bits for me. Lazy I know but hey...My biggest problem which i have endlessly researched on the net is how to remove that pain in the bum gear knob and fitting a new one. also i want to find out how big my alloys could be if they were on just a standard punto that has nothing else done to it.

Looking forward to talking peoples..

Peace out :cool:
gear knobs a simple one just pull it rely hard, some people will tell you to cut it but the mk1s just need a good pulling and they come off.