General Piston rewind tool needed!

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General Piston rewind tool needed!


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Jun 12, 2006
Wingerworth, Chesterfield
Does anyone out there have the relevant piston rewind tools they'd like to sell?
I need to replace my discs/pads all round so I'll be needing the tools for the rears. Having never used such a thing before I don't actually know what I'm looking for :eek:

I did ask our local Fiat dealer and he said he can get hold of them, no problem. Although he doesn't know how much they'll cost and they'll take a full 6 weeks to be delivered :eek:

And then the turd never phoned me back with a price.:bang:
They're about £16-18. Remember to back your handbrake cable off otherwise it messes the handbrake automatic adjustment up

rear brake 2.JPG

rear brake 1.JPG

Am I the only one to get to 60k miles and the rear pads are only half worn?:)
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Well I have a complete set to cover all european cars and others besides has both the left and right hand thrust bolts in the kit it will cost you around £80 to buy from a company and its yours for £40 plus postage :)
LMAO @ PNL. Me and Chris might end up in a bidding war for it one day, so it will be worth the bollocking you just got :p


I gather that I would need to buy 2 such tools - a right hand and a left hand. Is that correct?

Also is there a specific size adaptor I would need to buy? (assuming I chose not to buy Phil's set)
Mine is now in the classifieds section :D so fight it out between yourselves :devil: lol
Yep fiat are now putting the block on people who want to buy this tool of our welsh lads has had the same reply when he requested one be guess is that they are NOW loosing trade as more people become hands on and are doing this job them selves..your best bet is to get a kit ..I found mine on ebay..and as I have already said has other application in the kit as well which allows you to do the cars of friends and family..a sound investment as far as I was concerned..its payed for its self ten fold ..