Ulysse Pimped my ride..well only slightly


I've now owned this Uly for exactly 4 weeks and I love it. However I decided it needed some new rims so set about looking on Ebay and ended up with some Alfa Romeo alloys and tyres all in excellent condition for £36 :D:D

I've fitted them today and I think they suit the car really well, dont you?
Only thing is that the tyres are slightly lower profile (60 instead of 65) so theres a larger gap between the wheel arch and tyre. Might be the excuse I need to get it lowered and stiffened (y)

Apologies for the poor pics as I had to take them on my old phone. :eek:



Cheers Nathan
I saw a Ulysse with 16" Teledials just after I bought mine, it made me miss my old 156. Your wheels look much better than the Tele's did on that Fiat and were an absolute bargain!

I have 60 profile tyres on my Ulysse too. That size had been fitted by a previous owner and I only noticed when I came to buy new fronts. It's worth remembering that the speedo will read too high with lower profile tyres fitted. An indicated 80 is just under 74mph according to my GPS.

The external modifications to my bus only stretch to clear indicators so far. Internally I've mounted an in dash dvd player and 4 screens in the back. I've spent too much time spent replacing glow plugs, radiator and the starter motor to do anything else just yet.