Styling Pics of the UNDERNEATH of abarth skirts.

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Styling Pics of the UNDERNEATH of abarth skirts.


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Mar 26, 2004
Hey all!

Im in the process of fitting some skirts, but i dont have any fixings (n)

I know they bond on the top, but how do they fix underneath?

Ideally id like some pics of how they secure to the sill (y)

Also, can you buy these clips/things for the sill separately? Ive had my skirts freshly painted now :cry:
I havent got any pics mate but I do know that you can buy the clips seperately from Fiat because my mate broke the clips for his Stilo Abarth skirts and had to order more.

As for attaching them, you clip them at the bottom to the sill, use sealant for around the top edges and around the sides.

I dont know how flimsy the Abarth skirts are for the Punto but I know my mate had to put a couple of self tappers at each end of the ones on his Stilo because they kept coming loose.

Sorry I cant be of more help
This is the only photo I have (lucky I found actually) but I dont think mine attached to anything underneath :confused: Could be wrong though, from the pic it doesnt look like it but it doesnt show the middle...


(Ignore the red circle)
Ive managed to find a pic of what i need (see below) but Fiat are being c*nts and dont have a clue what part it is or the part number. And i dont think it would be on the eper cd as its an aftermarket part...

If anyone knows/could find out the part number for the thing (i think called skirt spacer blocks) that goes on the lip of the sill, it would be great!!! :)

Any help appreciated! (y)

I cant be arsed trying to find the fiat part now :D

as ive just bought some metal strips which ill bend into 'L' shaped pieces, should work fine i reckon (y)