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General pics of my old/new and new/old barchettas

Oct 2, 2007
so heres the story of a newish B owner...

with no strange CaPiTaLiSaTiOn. Promise!

had a Y reg B about 4 years ago, whilst my wife had a huge hulking company citreon C5. She duly changed jobs, and lost the company car - replaced the C5 with a Punto... So could we have 2 small cars in the family? fraid not... so I had to get rid of B1 (Jag Blue), and replace with Stilo Abarth.

Stuck with Stilo for 4 years as it slowly fell apart. fairly exhilarating 4 years though. would be great to squeeze that 170bhp into the B...

Anyroads, I kept on looking and lusting after Bs. Drove my wife mad. She snapped and bought a bigger car - another Citroen. This time a C4 - at this one looks OK.

So I managed to get just shy of £4k for old Stilo, and pick up my Black B (N reg from DTR). So much older than my last one - but a true original (barring the DTR exhaust). No 3rd rear brake light, original steel wheels - PERFECT!!!

Suffice to say I am loving it - and great to see a thriving scene still exists. i did attend a B UK Owners meet once in the old car, but that site seems totally dead.

Hope to meet some of you, and your Bs, soon.


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Welcome :)

Moral of the story.... keep going on at her and she'll give in in the end!
i did wear her out! it was along the lines of:

"if you bloo~y want one f%cking do it, and stop tw£tting about".

Love is a wonderful thing, but Bs are better!

Mad Matt - How is Brussels today? - i love that city (genuinely!) - so many great bars and beers...
bmad - the black b looks very clean!! - also nice to see an original one! How many miles on the clock?

My wife also relented after much nagging - long story but I smashed my Jeep up, rather than replacing my car we bought my wife a new car (Citroen Picasso thing) and I took up residence in her old Rover 400 - I think I managed about 3 weeks before I convinced her I lost the will to live everytime I got behind the wheel......after much nagging (and a little emotional blackmail) I was given to go ahead for a 2 seater (despite us also having 2 kids!!)...............

I was in Brussels on and off during 2005 - have some great memories of being plastered in The Grand'Place - spectacular atmosphere there at Christmas - have to say that I was a little underwhelmed with the rest of Brussells though!
54000 on the clock - full fiat/ DTR history.

Would love to get round to updating the seats sometime, but £700 is a bit much for me at the moment...

Re. Brussels - it does look somewhat 'dreary' in places, but search out from the grand place there are some great little squares and alley ways hiding a host of excellent 'local' bars. this is turning into some sort of travelogue! but whilst on the subject... i would love to drive the b to the ardennes, some great roads and scenery down that area. when i was there some years ago i saw the uk MG owners club (BOOOOO! (n) ) there. even they seemed to be having a good time!!!
nah, Brussels is one thing, but ideally you should try to get to Leuven (louvain), a bit to the eastsoutheast - a student town with LOTS of pubs/bars and terasses :) (not beergardens :yuck: )

(if you ever find a parking spot in Leuven) it is a good start and finish for a route into the Ardennes : for example :
Leuven - Hoegaarden - Hannut - Huy - Modave - Durbuy - Manhay - Stavelot - Spa - Francorchamps - Vervier - Liege ->
Leuven - Hoegaarden - Hannut - Huy - Modave - Marche (en famenne) - Rochefort - Wellin - Givet - Dinant - Ciney - Namur ->
Or go all the way into Luxembourg (Diekirch) or France (Bouillon)

Be prepared to meet bikers on those routes thou ;)
My partner and I scratched our names into the tiles at the top of the tower in Tournai:)
Back in the day:)
When we were in love:(
I prefer Brussels to Leuven, more character, but I actually live in Limal near Wavre which is 26K south.

I tend to go to the Ardennes via Dinant, but this year we did a bit of touring around northern Luxembourg which is very pretty

I didn't know we had a member in Luxembourg though! I'm going there tomorrow for work.

I was in Brussels today and enjoyed a Duvel at lunch time. Bit of a cold snap at the moment with overnight frost and only 8 degrees today brrrr.
As a former resident, I would recommend Leuven. A full night at the Oude Markt should convince you (and it's the fastest way to learn Flemish).

Mad Matt, I have never seen your B. on the Belgian roads. Indeed, I was checking the road surface constantly :(
I would have thought that after three pints of Duvel, anybody would be able to speak Flemish:D :D
As for the Belgian potholes:mad: :mad:
Dont talk to me about Belgian potholes:mad: :mad: :mad:
Ruined my VW Transporter one of those buggers did:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
go south young man, go south !

its mostly the flemish potholes, the further south you go, the better the roads are. and once you cross the Lux border it is like...erm.. a different country :)