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Its certainly different, I think this pick up has been mentioned before in the Cinq/Sei section :) It seems to be a really neat job (y) Colour's not me, but that's easily sorted :)
slight lie in the listing then, as the article states that the car had been in an accident, and had rolled damaging the roof at the back. hence the "coupe" conversion.


(Edit) ok so the site says the roof was totally flat!!!!!!!!!!
hang on a mo, em was paying £750 third party on provisional at 17 on a standard non crashed or modded sx, how the hell did he get her insured fully comp for £700?????????????????:eek: he cant have listed all the changes can he?

provisional license,means you will be supervised while driving hence lower insurance risk
yeh but we live in the middle of nowhere and she Em was on a provisional, so hers should have been a lot less. she was quoted over a grand just for putting alloys and a induction kit on it. that thing has had serious structural work. I should think it's been well done but how does the insurer know that? and I didn't think tesco would've insured a custom car?

when i moved from the city to a small fishing village in the north of scotland my insurance rose. not always a given of cheap insurance.
Quite a mixed bag their, 899 lump and sporting seats with old school Fiat/lancia rims and a weird but well done colour scheme.