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Photoshop help - my wheels

Oct 7, 2003
Carlisle, UK.
Since the colour change, my wheels no longer suit the blancmange :( So I've bought some diffeent ones and was thinking about colour. Silver doesn't suit, anthracite would but is becoming the chav colour of choice round here, colour coded would be a bit much. So I was thinking pinky-purple rims (to match the car) and black spokes, with pinky-purple centre cap. Or does anyone have any better ideas?

Here's the car as it is now (please feel free to use the colour even though it doesn't look like that) and here's one of the wheels as it is now, do your worst please people :D


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Nice job on the respray Helz(y) That colour as you say is different in every light, not sure about the spoiler but with that colour it looks great, and I love the front bumper aswell, is it a HGT or an aftermarket bumper??

i'd go for matt black wheels (powder coated) on the above spoke pattern, silver would look odd, and any fancy colours will cheapen the overall look.

I bet you are happy with the results of the spray, i know I would be:slayer:
Helz said:
Thanks people :) After the comments here and from one or two others I'm seriously considering the pink rims and black spokes now. If anyone disagrees, tough luck, tis my car. But feel free to leave your comments anyway :D

I think them wheel would look great on your car. I would love to see the car once its all done :D