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Technical Phone system


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Oct 5, 2005
Any mobile phone techno buffs on here ?

Really nice feature having the in-built phone facility. :cool:

My car was accepting sim cards from all networks - including 3G. Then, when I started to use my "updated" sim card , for the same number, sent by 3G for no apparent reason, nothing wrong with my old one, but thought it must be for some "reason" due to being sent it, it decided to not recognise 3G cards.

I phoned my service provider (3G), who said that the car should not have accepted the 3G sim card at any time. My case to them was that the car is obviously like a sim free handset - correct me if I am wrong - so why will it now not work with 3G. I challenged 3G to why they have "blocked" the card from working, and kindly requested that they unblock it as I was very happy with the 3G service and tariff and that I do a lot of driving, hence wanting to put my cars phone facility to use - got to do as the law says :rolleyes: .

3G say that they will not unblock the sim card - not saying that it cannot be done - againg correct me if I be wrong. :confused:

Just wanting to control people into using their handsets with their "3G" facilities, hoping that we all want their video services etc, and make them loads of money.

The mere fact that I am trying to take into consideration the law and the safety of myself and other road users did not seem to come into the equation.

Any help most appreciated :bang: :bang:

Ben R

Mar 9, 2005
Nothing you can do really mate! (n) Just change to another service provider, I've got an orange PAYG in mine! (y)


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Nov 4, 2003
3g sims can be a bit hit or miss in non 3g handsets as well. the older sim may have not had a certain feature that the new ones have.
unfortunatly once you have activated the new sim you cant get the old one enabled.they will want all users on the newer sims to ensure compatibility over the network.

not a lot you can do bar keeping the 3g sim in your handset but forwarding calls to another sim in your car when your on the move