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My Cinqs did about 10miles / £1 at 84.9p a litre if that helps. Dunno about the current scandal though!
My Sei Sporting (Pretty much standard) did 290miles of ever so slightly fast motorway driving and even then the petrol low warning light had only just come on (so it probably could've done another 20 if i'd dared).

Hope that might help,

mase said:
its about driving style.... weather u drive slower or faster, accelerate upto cruising speed fast, keep the car in high revs, all of those will contribute to the ammount of petrol used!

lol, i ment the styling section?

Not the driving style :p
Well have a search for MPG testing in the LTF section.

I did 226 miles for £20 and that was a Sporting with Mods so you could manage 190 with ease.