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General Petel: Panda Pink + Decals

Mar 22, 2005
East Yorkshire
Turns out the Panda Pink I found wasn't the one you had in mind, unless they've removed the wheeltrims or something. Anyway, here's some pictures. All it needs is a polish and a slight respray on the passenger door (touched up in a darker pink) and it's good as new. It's got 77k on it I think... Anyway, I got a nice close-up of the Pink decal for you. :)


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FuzzyPanda said:
Bonus points for the first person to find the hidden blue Panda. ;)
There's an arrow pointing to it

i really like the way the colour continues across the front vent... looks very suitable... like it should be

Petel if you need that logo reproduced i can do the vector trace that the vinyl cutting machine will need...
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Well FuzzyPanda, you have excelled yourself this time. Not only is the car one that I did not know about but you have provided me with a clear picture of the decal that I seek. Top Bloke, greatful thanks.

It looks to be a very tidy example, I hope that the interior is as good.

I notice that the car has lost one of its decals, there should be one under the FIAT badge on the tailgate. I know that is is the same design as the one on the side but I have a feeling that the one on the tailgate was slightly smaller in scale than the others. Still, thats for anther day.

Again, many thanks to FuzzyPanda.
Rgds, petel
There was evidence of a missing piece from the back, I wasn't sure whether it was a fire badge or a Pink badge. If you need any specific shots of the car/decals let me know, it's only 3 minutes away from me. :)

Edit: I was looking at my car today and thought a Panda would look pretty damn nice in Broom Yellow.
Steve said:
Strangely, I'd love that...
It's that front pic... there be witchcraft there there be... enchanting.

I can see it now... drop the gear box and stick the selecta into it... god knows what the insurance company would think
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Hello FuzzyPanda, thanks again.

For confimation, it is the small "FIRE" badge that is missing from below the Panda1000 bagde on the drivers side of the tailgate. The missing "Pink" decal would have been on the passenger side, below the blue " FIAT " badge.

Best regards, petel
Er - there is a pink SEAT MArbella in sunniside, Gateshead. . . . . . Does that help?
Just playing with the excellent phot of the Pink panda...

I have been thinking the pastel shades work really well with the panda ethos... sort of colours used on the Seat Arosa etc... and the fiat pandas

and the orange indicators looks good also today ... colourful seems to work for me.


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Hello Tony.
That looks good. Would it be possible to add the side protection trims to the pictures please?