Passengers who put their feet on the dash

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Passengers who put their feet on the dash


Aug 10, 2003
Essex/Suffolk border
no only is it extremely bad manners and ruins people cars

The below image is from a non fatal 30mph collision, this is the passenger who has their feet up on the dash.


got this info off the net, it didn't say if the air bag did it or not.
Worth noting thats a child as the growth plates haven't closed.

Injuries are devastating and would have serious ongoing complications, a pelvis fracture like that is certainly life threatening.
That bloke would most likely die after a period of incredible pain and misery even if he did survive never walk again.
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My girlfriend would sit with her foot sort of up on her knee until I pointed out if anyone hit me even if I wasn't going fast the passenger air bag would deploy at about 200mph (about 90% sure thats the speed they deploy at) break her leg then use her foot to smash her nose in - harsh but true & stopped her doing it.

Not an expert from think looking at that pic the air bag went off.