General Passenger seat wont release from the catch..

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General Passenger seat wont release from the catch..


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Feb 12, 2007
I'm trying to sort out a few things in my Seicento Sporting so I can finally get shot of it, but the passenger seat just will not budge now! I pull the handle up and it doesnt pull up the catch, any ideas why?

Before I had the problem of it only happening occasionally, but I used to be able to push the seat back whilst pulling the handle up which always released it, but even that wont work any more!
Is there an easy way to replace it? I've just noticed that when I have the seat on a certain position on the rails, it works, but when its in the "wrong" position it wont work. Also, theres something wrong with the right hand rail on the seat, when someones sitting in it and the car brakes, the seat twists to the left a bit as the right rail isnt locked in properly, anyone else had this problem and how would I fix it?