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The Devil

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Mar 18, 2002
United Kingdom.
Apologies for posting this on several pages but I thought i'd best get a few peoples attention.

Ok..... I've stumbled accross a huge car breakers..... they are happy for me to pull apart the fiats.

Anyone need anything?!?! Everything I buy comes with paperwork, so if you buy something from me it'll be as a favour, i wont try and rip anyone off - obviously buying me a beer or something for bringing a set of lights or bits of trim home and paying up front etc would be appreciated!

Let me know what you want, Its near my 'weekend' home, so monday morning is the last time i will be able to pop there!

Lights are scarce, but interior trim is plentyful... there is a drivers side Seicento light still in 1 piece.. and I've got a set of Bravo rear lights in mint condition.

07765 227 938 - call or text - or email [email protected]

The Devil (ICE and Security Moderator)

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