Technical Part numbers request

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Technical Part numbers request


Fiat nutter
Jan 11, 2008
Morning all,

I have given up placing my Reg number in to sites to pull back parts so I only work off part numbers now.
Fiat panda mk1 4x4 1984

Could any one help with some simple part numbers?

Spark plugs, I have found
NGK7822 or NGK6464 Both are being listed as compatible, any one have any ideas which one?

HT leads, I have found a lucus part number 7255, 73554, 73554, B836, MSK581, OEF380, OEK218

And lastly, the fun one - The alternator is dying I believe, The battery light is flickering on every now and then at first start/tickover and drops off when reved.

The good news its getting used almost every day now but these issues do need addressing, Also fixed 3 oil leaks so no more slick on the drive, 1 drive shaft boot replaced (again) one dipstick grommet and a rocker cover gasket.