Punto (Mk2/2b) Paolo - My old Mk2 Punto


Well, here are some photo's taken from 2009 of my first car 'Paolo', my problematic Mk2 Punto. Had this car for 2 years from April 2009 to April 2011 before i traded 'him' in for my current GP, which i've had since Aprill 2011. Was very sad to see this car go, as troublesome as he was i took him all over the country and he saw many great places...

He was completely standard, except the 15" Fox Racing Alloys. Just the way i liked him, although had i been here on FF back then i would no doubt have done A LOT more to him :p

Hope you enjoy the shots, fellow Mk2'ers :) [[I don't have many photo's of this car, so they all came from one shoot]]


Only other mod i did do was remove the 'fiat' badge in lower rear left, and replaced it with chrome lettering from Hallfraud's saying 'Wisey' :slayer: Did have a stereo in (came with car), but my passenger door got jacked open at work and everything was robbed :rolleyes: Heyho....

I miss Paolo :( Might get another Mk2 one day, they are such fun!


Jan 23, 2012
under the bonnet....
I have to say Wisey you did a good job of keeping him clean :D I'm slacking these days on keeping mine clean, but I guess that's cause of the wintery weather :p
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