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Mar 5, 2006

I'm buying a 4x4 in black - should get it this week. It has the skydome and the 3rd rear seat belt. It's a 55 reg car - new at end of Sept.

The problem I have is that the current brochure and website state that you can't order the 3rd seat belt with the skydome option. The dealer is saying it was a factory ordered spec (it was their demonstrator car). The car also doens't have the rear seat headrests (the current options /web site state they come with the 3rd rear seat belt). The dealer is telling me that headrests only come with the split /sliding seat ..but this doesn't sound right.

I then wondered if there has been a change in spec since last Sept (or earlier depending on when this car was ordered) that meant
a) you could have skydome and 3rd seat belt
b) 3rd seatbelt didn't come with rear headrests ?

Does anyone have any details / brochures from when they ordered ..or does anyone have the same spec (skydome / 3rd seat belt) ...and did it come with headrests ?

I ordered the Eleganza 1.2 with the SkyDome and the dealer called me afterwards to tell me it won't have the 3rd seat belt. It's still supposed to have the (two) head rests in the back (on the normal seat(s), by the way, not the split/sliding one).

Haven't seen the car though. Will be picking it up on saturday, so I'll let you know then. Been planning to check the car anyway, to make sure it has all the stuff I paid for.
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Thanks for the response...seem to think that the eleganza has the headrests regardless of seat / belt options chosen...(that's in line with what the dealer said as well)....still need to hear from someone who has the 3rd belt with the skydome ?...or can point to a brochure that said you could have both at one point in time ....
I have a skydome on my Panda. I also got the split-folding and sliding rear seat and upholstered headrests (2 front and 2 back). I didn't think that it was possible to get the third seatbelt option on the skydome. I don't know where they would connect the third seatbelt - I thought that it usually connected to the ceiling of the car, but the skydome would get in the way. I'm imagining it to be a lap-belt and not a proper 3-point belt.

I don't think that three people could sit comfortably in the back of the Panda. There's not enough room really.
I've seen and driven the car - it has the genuine 3 point seat belt for the middle seat (agree it won't offer much room but it's only likely to see occasional use for children on short trips etc)

The 3rd belt connects out from the roof at the back (in space directly above parcel shelf behind the fixed glass of the rear part of the skydome). It's much like in a scenic - there are four belt points on the seat base and the 3rd belt pulls out from the roof and has two buckles - the first plugs in to seat to create the anchor point...and the second then goes over the passenger and plugs in the second belt point.

What I can't find out is if they don't sell the two options now ..did they ever ? and did they not come with rear headrests before ?