Panda 2012+ Panda Cross steering lock.

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Panda 2012+ Panda Cross steering lock.


Feb 25, 2018
Hi folks

I was looking at buying a Stoplock for my 2018 Panda cross, only to find that non of the various models produced by them will clear the airbag boss. I happened to have a rather Gucci Ingersol Rand 10 lever ex MOD high security padlock (a real beast) and thought I would try using it with a 1.5 metre nylon sleeved 10mm thick linked 'Sold secure gold' hardened alloy steel chain and threading it through the steering wheel. the chain and padlock have some real heft to it and hopefully a casual thief might give it a miss and move on.
I was wondering if anyone else has tried this and what is the best way to thread it through the wheel for maximum cuts if someone chose to cut through the wheel itself?
As discussed in an earlier thread, Panda choices when it comes to a steering lock are limited. You are correct that no Stoplock fits the chunky 2012-on Panda steering wheel, not even the Pro Elite model with its bigger bend. After some research I bought a Milenco High Security lock. It's one of the few locks that exceeds the new Sold Secure Gold Standard which is tougher than the old Thatcham Category 3 rating. Clamp it over one of the spokes on the wheel, and a thief would have to cut the steering wheel in multiple places and almost to destruction to remove it. Easy to fit, easy to store, and no hassle (versus the only other real option, the Disklok)—I recommend it.