Panda 4x4 Edinburgh

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Panda 4x4 Edinburgh

Oct 1, 2017
Edinburgh Scotland
Meant to mention this a few times and just forgot. A tidy looking wee 4x4 Panda 169 - '05 plate I think - Silver in colour. It's parked in the main road more or less outside Liberton Hospital on Lasswade Road. Today I was picking up our groceries from my older boy's house (he's doing our shopping for us so we don't need to go into the supermarkets) and it's facing away from town but more often it's facing towards the city.

So, does it belong to anyone on here? I'm usually out that way two or three times a week in normal times but now it's about once every 10 days just to pick up the shopping. Keep on hoping I'll see someone so I can give a "toot" but the car's always just sitting on it's own.