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General Ozzie1989 - Leaving


Doblo Moderator
Jan 26, 2006
South Wales
To all the guys that know me on the forum, my time here may be up.

The Doblo is up for sale as I now have a company vehicle from my new job. Although I love it to bits, and would have another one in the future, it's sat on my drive doing nothing and is costing me money (tax, insurance etc.).

So I'll keep you posted, and may stay for a while anyway, but eventually I'll probably leave the forum... so a big thanks to you all for a great time (y)

NOOOOOooooooooooooooooo ! :yuck:

Ozzie WTF !!!!

If you go they might all pick on me....:cry:

Fancy selling those wheels? ;)
I plan to keep them on the Doblo, but if it doesn't sell with them on you can have them for a small fee :D
Hi Ozzy!

sorry to hear your selling your doblo and leaving!

damn boy!! vaux combo????!!!!! i wud change jobs hahahaha!
No Oz,
you can't leave.
Who's going to look after us? :cry: We need moderating.
If you do sell the Doblo I hope you can get another one in the future, or another Fiat at least (those new Bravos look good ;) )
What's this about a new job, I thought you were off to Uni?
Who's going to look after us? :cry: We need moderating.

guess we'll have to find someone else to pick on at welsh meets :devil:

New doblo mod......


......bring it on;)