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General OUCH - Laspe of concentration


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Jun 23, 2006
OUCH - Lapse of concentration

Hi all

This happened when I came off worst with a bollard on Saturday. It was a very low speed bump but its put a dent in an awkward place. Do you think Chipsaway can fix it or would a bodyshop be better? The bumper is only scraped although in the pic it looks like a dent.



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hmm no experience of CA but im thinking more bodyshop tbh.
easy to miss those low bollards!

I can't see toffee when reversing the Bravo. Guess its the price you pay to be safer when rear-ended. Also explains why you get the largest wing mirrors ever seen outside the world of Scania.

Bodyshop should be able to fix that up. I've seen much worse fixed.
I can't see a thing either, can't weigh up distances at all in the GP. Maybe I should ask for them to fit reversing sensors when they fix the dent :)
best one ive seen in recent times was a guy reversing up a little dead end lane.
he had went down it to a garage at the bottom but they were closed.
obviously pissed off he reversed fast up the lane and went to turn in a little side bit. not noticing the 4ft metal pole. he reversed into it hard! car jumped up.
think the fact i was walking up the lane made it 10x worse for him ;)
I had something similar on my old Ford Focus. Not sure how it happened, was at local Asda and the dent was there when i came out. Think it was a van as it had white paint marks on it and looked too high to be a car.

I took it to a local bodyshop, needed the dent filling (from the looks of it yours will) and the rear quarter and bumper spraying.

Cost me £160 in all, took 2 days. Paint match wasnt perfect but it was on an 02 reg car and it was fixed in march. Could only see the colour difference in bright conditions.
I have trouble working out how close I am before reverse into something - almost a year and still trying to get use to the size of the car!
Re: OUCH - Lapse of concentration

Try Halfords - They are currently trying to underquote the Franchise's such as Chips Away. Your damage is minor & should not cost more than about £70 to repair. - Nearer £50 IMHO.
Just has the guy from Chipsaway and its going to cost £311 to do
  • The dent.
  • The accident scrape and a previous scrape on the rear bumper.
  • A damaged alloy that I kerbed last December.
  • A tint dent, probably from leaning hard against the car, looks like a belt buckle did it.
  • A few touch ins.
  • A patch that has never looked right since a bird pooped on it.

I'd budgeted for £500 for the dent and the cosmetic work so I'm happy.

I'm having the work done when I get back from my hols so I'll let you know how it looks.

oh right fair play mate, thought it was abit to major for chips away. but aslong as your happy. :)
I have most trouble reversing into spaces where there's no car parked in the adjacent spaces. My house has 6 spaces for residents, and if either neighbour is out, I have difficculty seeing the (faint) lines. Usually hold the door ajar and look at teh ground!