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That brings back so many memories for me and my MK1 XR2. TOJ 222Y, sunburst red with a 1760cc overbore and 5 speed gearbox conversion from a Escort MK3 RS1600i gave such low gearing 70mph 2200rpm in 5th, 120mph 5000rpm, twin Webber 40's, twin K&Ns, Kent hi-lift cam, PECO HDR exhaust manifold and system, Konis all round home made strut braces front and rear cos you couldn't buy them back then full roll cage, Recaro's.

I loved that car, till i through a piston through the block due to a blockage in the rad causing a hot spot, grrrr!

had a mk1 xr2 alike years ago1100cc i think and it was serious fun if not mad fast.was zeibart treated from new so was in good nick till i um found a ditch with it :eek:
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MATT 68 said:
Now THAT my younger friends IS A CAR:yeahthat:
No power steering!:yuck:
Fast as fcuk (throw it round corners like a go kart)(y)
No air con:eek:
radio-optional extra.:eek:
You young uns dont realise how spoilt you are!:slayer:
If youve got the cash buy it, its worth a damn lot more than 1k
:worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

:yeahthat: bro matt 68.
Oh yes...........I've a soft spot for mk1 Festas and mk 1/2 Escorts.........:yum:

Especially ones like this
that mk1 is absolutly MINT. I would love something thats like that, totally std (well a few handling improvements), but mint and original.

I'd love a lotus sunbeam, or even just a really really tidy talbot sunbeam with 1600 engine and in that dark forestry type green colour.

Retro cars rock:cool:
ive got a scar on my forehead from a talbot sunbeam bonnet :eek: lol
I think if I was after an old car and I could afford/source one i would get a 1976 Fiat 131 Abarth or preferably 1982 Fiat Abarth Volumetrico 131.

I saw them on a rally video a while back and think they are amongst one of the best looking vehicles.
Both were 1995cc DOHC 16v engines. The Volumetrico was supercharged too, using the same supercharger as the Lancia 037 :devil:

I found this link whilst digging up info on the car. Its an American of all people restoring a Lancia Scorpion. It has very good sections on the blowers and engines used in the 131 and the Lancias. Click here
Mate had one, bored out / kent cam and lightened (lots of rust!). Let me have a go round an empty trading estate on the way to trade it in... GREAT FUN :D think I frightened him s*@tless round that trading estate, it was fast and very chuckable :devil:
do love my older skool cars and the mk1 and 2 xr2's are awesome little motors. all this new age stuff, bah! gimme old cars all day long, even tho they break and have to be rebuilt due to rust :D hehe