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General Ooo, I want that car!

Apr 28, 2005
West Yorkshire
Went to a local mini-meet for (car audio forum) and whilst parked up, that was the comment of someones girlfriend about my car :slayer:

So size doesn't matter after all! But if you had the choice, which would you go for.....

The ugly subaru type thing. Which I would then sell and use the money to buy a Cinq Sporting and get the turbo kit done on it and then put Cinq S badges and a 900cc decal on there somewhere just to really annoy people. With the remaining money, I'd pay for the petrol.
paulbfd said:
But if you had the choice, which would you go for.....

The one with the best/expensive ICE components of course :D
That'd be the red MX3 then with 5 (FIVE!) Sinfoni amps, F1 status HU and processor, Focal front end, the list goes on! All installed by the bods at SQ+ with more fibreglass than you could shake a stick at!
Ha Ha that the same reaction i had in a local show some girl really wanted to buy the car off Mrs Crayon there and then, she had her old man there too.
Wish we had now poor little Cinq :(