Technical One very Empty Cooling System

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Technical One very Empty Cooling System

Mar 21, 2006
Looking at an empty Glass
I just manage to straighten and refit the Exhaust to the Cinq after my wifes argument with a speed bump last week and Guess what....

Took it out for a spin.... Pulled up ouside the house in a great cloud a steam
to see the contents of the cooling sytem running down the road!!

Had a look and the small plasic T piece going to the heater matrix from the manifold /TB had failed!! a clean break in the plastic with no warning at all.:cry:

what a pig to get to strut brace off & airbox and battery out just to get at it. Now can you find a spare one of these on a saturday of course not. Toured all the motor shops and every scrap yard in a 20 mile radius with no joy.

Down to Fiat this morning chuffing £31.20 for the part :eek: (comes with the 3 small lenghts of hoses attached) and won't be here till Wednesday... I feal Violated

I think this is just a one off failure as this was the first one the parts guy had ever ordered and had one hell of a job finding it on the parts list anyone else had this prob or am I trail blazing.