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OnE Call Insurance A story of woe


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Sep 23, 2015
In October 2012 we has a claim on a joint car insurance policy. I had to get them to amend the data base to say that I was not driving at the time.
Three insurance policy no problem...Then I purchased a policy from one call.
Firstly it was the licence they could not see it asking to cancel the policy if I did not jump through hoops...
This took several hours of phone calls to sort out.
Then this issue popped up.
One Call Insure
Joseph:Hi how can I help?You:I received a letter from you. Unacceptable documents receivedJoseph:I can look into this now for you. If you could please confirm, for data protection, the policy holders full name, post code, and date of birth?You:You should be able to see the correct information on the insurance system by now. You: Hastings are sending me another email and a letterYou:Chris
Joseph:Okay, I can leave a note on the file to let us know that you will be sending us another document regarding this]You:Can u check the system and find out what it saying?.
Joseph:Yes, I can see we have checked our database, this is where we have found the undisclosed fault claim on your fileYou: Hastings corrected this four years ago and I've never had any issues until I was insured with youJoseph:I do apologise for this, however this si still showing as a fault claim on the Claims Underwriting Exchange, and so the policy must show as such, however if this is proved different we would look to remove all of our chargesYou: Hastings have advised me to use your complaints procedure and to get in contact with the financial oboduman
Joseph:Okay, you would need to go through our complaints procedure before the financial ombudsman would be able to look in to the case, would you liek to know our complaints procedure?You:Also I can take this to the small claims court to recover any money's lost during this process You:I would like to see a copy of the information you've looking at so I can send it to Hastings You: They are asking why you cannot ring them?
Joseph:I'm afraid as this is what was showing on our database this is what the policy must reflect, you can view a copy of this, however there would be a subject access cost of £10 and you would need to write in to us asking for this You:I would have to claim this back aswell to Joseph:Unfortunately not as this would be agreed to and uit would be at your requestYou:How long have I got to sort this out?
Joseph:This payment will be taken on or around 14 days after the letter was generated on the 06/01/2017You:How much?
Joseph:This would be for £77.80You: If I cancel?Joseph:Should you cancel, there would be a cancellation fee of £55.99 plus the time on cover with the insurer
You:Which would be what? Joseph:please bear with me whilst I look into this for you.You:Thanks Joseph:Should you cancel as of now, you would recieve a refund of £69.36
So paid £220 would get back £70 so I am being force to pay an extra £77.
I had this issues corrected by Hastings about for years ago but according to them it's still ongoing.?
Hastings are saying it's rubbish!
They have advised me to contact the financial oboduman.
One call want £10 to show me the information they are viewing on there system.

I would plead with you to avoid these people as it just sharp practice.
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