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General Old member here!

Aug 15, 2006
Just wondered if I was remembered! lol

Thought I'd still see if my account here was still on.. and it is!

So I thoght I'd say hi to anyone who remembered me..


Since I lost my Cinq :( I got a micra! T'aint bad neither...16v 1.0.. Better acceleration than the cinq and much more power.. just not as much fun for some reason :(

If I could, i'd get hold of my old Cinq, and fix that DAMN LEAK IN THE BULKHEAD, check the floorplates, and do it up to track standard.... Or, if I can get another Cento cheap ;) *Nudge nudge!*

Ah well, Hope everyone who reads this is well!


Funnilly enough.. the Cento is considered a 'chav car' to t'others over at the Micra forum site :S

Is there some rivalry I never knew about?! :p

Either way, I defend Centos' to the HILLS!!!! :p


mind if I stick around a bit? :)
sadly enough, most cinqs i see on the roads are driven by old people :( I saw a sporting the other day and thought 'ahh a young driver for sure' but no, it was an old woman :( haha

Haha same here. I got behind a Cinq S today, she was going about 30 in a National speed limit, so I dropped into Second and booted all the way to redline, she looked at me like I had a completley different car. :D