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Technical Oil light help


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Sep 22, 2004
i have a MK2 1.2 16v sporting. i had a service done about 3-4wks ago. the oil level is on the max still but my red oil can symbol has come on today.... what could this mean? as the oil level is perfect ..... :confused:
oil pressure oh right..... the symbol is on the dash its red its a oil can with a drip coming out. so how do i sort out the oil pressure?
weird thing is this time last year after my service it did the same i thought was the oil level so i put some it didnt need it i had to much so i drained some out and the light turned off.....until now.... must be dodgy censor
well its whatever oil the garage put in on the service. which im guessing is right one for punto .... isnt it something like 10w something?

so how do you fix oil pressure?
i still not had any luck...... the oil level is fine and took it to garage yesterday and they have put a new oil sensor switch on and it hasnt sorted it!!! :(

any more ideas??? the annoying thing is im thinking of selling it very soon! cant sell it with oil light on!!! :(
so how do i fix the pressure?

ill be selling the punto very soon. got new car today :)