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Technical Oil leak photo


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Jan 4, 2004
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The below is where (black circle) I am finding a very small amount of oil type liquid, presume its gearbox oil, it seems to appear after at least a 30 in drive and doesn't create enough to drip down when parked. On the service they didn't even find it probably because not driven long enough to weep out, as that seems to be what it does. Is it where that part isn't sealed properly, is it the gearbox? Does the wheel rod (not sure what its called) go through the gearbox? As that part bolted on where the rod enters with 4 bolts seems to be where the oil is coming from.

Also currently no way of getting it fixed as such a tiny weep!

Anyone help / advise where its weeping from...cheers

Looks like it's coming out of the gearbox driveshaft oil seal just behind that inner drive shaft coupling. Don't worry about it unless it gets worse. I've found 2 identical oil seal leaks, drive shaft seal same as yours, camshaft oil seal and I even got the oil seal ready to change it and they cured themselves as the seal wears in

Gearbox oil smells pretty strong- antifreeze has its own distinctive smell - engine oil is very thin and would just blow away from there so it looks like gearbox oil
I've done 20k so presume its warn in? May take it to dealer to have a look at as still in 2 year warranty until 31/3. Or will they make things worse?
If the leak's really small then it may not be worth the bother

"I've done 20k so presume its warn in?"
By wearing in then don't think of it like bearings or brakes wearing in where after a certain amount of use they're as worn in as they're ever going to be. On an oil seal of that kind there is a lip, a very small lip and just a small amount of contamination or a raised portion there can cause a small drip of a leak like you have. As the lip or the contamination wears away then the problem solves itself as the lip is spring loaded against the mating surface

If it's torn or cracked then it would get worse fast but often oil seal leaks of that type seem to cure themselves

For certain it's going to get better or it's going to get worse, just keep an eye on it;)
Seems to have a drip hanging off after a 30 min drive, dealer has agreed to have a look next week, I'll see what they say. Take it this is 100% covered in first 2 years is it under third year warranty?

Last oil leak I had fixed they managed to make it leak somewhere else instead, so I am a bit wary! Is this an eaasy job to do this time?
If it's the drive shaft oil seal then it's usually straight forward
Gearbox drain-driveshaft pull out-replace seal etc 1-2 hours

Or there's the -can't get a part- wait 4 days-wrong part sent- scratched your car in the car park- vandals broke aerial- had to change gearbox in the end- doesn't seem to be running right now- scenario:)
Cheers!! I can't decide whether to get it done or not! It doesn't drip on ground but if wiped after each drive a new drop appears!
To be honest, I think you might just be a little too sensitive to oil leaks if you think this is 'real' problem. I would forget about it, there is plenty of other things to worry about. A very small leak that is not worth the hassle.
I take it from these replies the majority would not get this leak fixed. It creates a drip from the marked area when 30 mins driven. No leak when cold. Is this common then?

I am very tempted now not to visit the dealer next week as seems a waste of time particularly as its a 45 min drive, just for them to have a look.

Delaer, after pointing out the leak agreed needs new driveshaft seal. Said it won't get better so best to have done. 2 year warranty expires in 2 weeks, they said will have to see if driveshaft seals covered!!! Surely it is covered by 2 year warranty?

They are waiting for the part to arrive before I book it in....does it come all the way from Italy?

Part is in, no mention of cost booked in for next week, coutesy car £15 insurance much for free!!

I presume its a warranty job.
Dealer did d/s seal today. They have clearly had the wheel off and the part the oil came from is covered in orange stuff (some sealer???) But the gold screws in the picture do not look to have moved and the two oil plugs to drain gearbox and top up don't appear to have been touched.

Do these bolts not need to be undone to change the seal? Surely g/box oil would have come out when old seal removed & new put in?

You wouldn't have to take out the two gold screws, you just pull out the driveshaft, hook out the old oil seal and hammer in a new one. I wouldn't like to do it without draining the oil though- a bit messy.

Do you suspect they just put some blue tack or chewing gum on it then?:cool:
Where I've put the black line is where I have orange seal stuff and all up the side. Would this help along with a new d/s seal or is it pointless sealing here too? Where the black line is is where the oil was weeping from originally so would the d/s seal cure this along with orange gunk?