General Oil Change on Punto (P Reg)

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General Oil Change on Punto (P Reg)


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Mar 21, 2006
Hi guys,

A buddy of mine has asked that I show him how to change the oil in his P reg Ive only ever owned Fords and Rovers I was wondering if any of you guys could help me out with any tips, or what tools I may need?

I did a search through all the sub forums on oil changes and noticed that this job might require more than the spanner and bucket I use for my ford's oil change's :)

Please guys, any help before the weekend would be greatly recieved, and I promise to never cut up a FIAT driver in traffic ever (again).
You'll need a hexagon shaped key to undo the sump plug, 12mm probably (if its an 8 valve) don't know about 16 V so check. Drain into your bucket. Undo old filter, fairly easy to get to. Oil rubber ring on new filter and screw into place. New seal (I use Dowty seals) on sump plug and torque up to 10 Nm or 7 ftlbs. Fill with fresh oil ( 1108 - 3.47 Litres, 1242 8V - 3.74 Litres and 1242 16V - 2.80 Litres. As you can see not a lot different to what you're used to.:)
Thanks so much guys, sounds like the oil change is a bit easier on the Punto, than on some of the other FIAT models....will let you know how I go on.

EDIT: Dave, sorry to be dumb here, just not heard the expression before, but what do you mean by a fire engine? Cheers fella.
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Quite right, taper plug, no seal - was thinking of my 2 Alfas as they use the same socket. FIRE engine Fully Integrated Robotised Engine, or something like but I dare say someone will correct me if I'm wrong! Means its put together by robots, anyone remember the Strada/Ritmo advert?
FIRE engine means its made by robots, and is a safe ngine I.E> when cam belt snaps (sometimes regular LOL) there is no valve/piston interfacing, its impossible unless the valve stem happens to shear at exactly the same time(hugely unlikely!!).

You will need a sump plug kit!! Beleive me I tried allen keys, then £15 for 4 lifetime guerentee'd allen keys, then a nut and bolt and a big torque wrench, then a phosfa brozne nut and bolt, then a stainless steel nut and bolt, THEN I gave up and spent £20 on a sump plug kit (4pieces, and it plugs into a 20mm? socket for a 1/2" drive torque wrench) which is much better and diddn't shear when undoing sump plug, unlike every previous method I tried:( . kit got stolen in my old toolbox a few month back, now I have to buy another:( :(

oil filter should come off with a stab of screwdriver and half a turn, then should come off by hand, but I usually end up with a chain whip, which is fine, but takes forever as you can only move it about 20degrees at a time:(

everything else is simple, although you WILL Need an oil filling funnel as the stock oil cap hole is crap