Oh man, sunday dinner, I'm stuffed

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Oh man, sunday dinner, I'm stuffed


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Oct 22, 2004
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Since being at uni the only sunday dinner I have had was just before crimbo when me and my two (english speaking able to cook something other than boiling it in salty water) flatmates did a christmas dinner for 22 peeps.

Anyway, I had a lump O gammon (just bought it from asda, was £6 worth reduced to £2.20, needless to say I ate the lot in one sitting), roast veg (inc some decent parsnips, which is rare for a supermarket, as usually they are floppy and like rubber), roast 'tates and err 1pint of gravy, its taken me nearly an hour to eat it, but I feel so much better now, I have been shaking all week with what must have been massive food deprovation, I now feel stuffed, but completly satisfied (well almost, but I can't supply the last bit, I know someone who does though;) ). And am about to eat some nice looking cream cake I found lurking in asda for 14p!!!
At uni I usually put up with a microwavable birdseye sunday dinner. However, today I went off to see my sister (as had a bit of spare time which is unusual) and she fed me, a veggie style sunday dinner. Best meal I have had for ages :) Shame I froze my ass off waiting for a bus back.
you know its one of them things you pay to sit on, usually chav method of transport, and usually wreck your trousers/pants/suit/jacket by sitting on some chavs used gum, oh and they smell really pleasant, although the odd bus is pretty quick (most modern bus's have a turbo at least a foot in diameter!).
Asda? :confused:
Tesco online shopping is the way forward... (y) I'm just doing my shopping now actually... It would be much faster if this forum didn't exist! :D
I had my sunday dinner at the Toby Man carvery in Hull, all you can eat for fiver! and i had hot choc fudge cake wit cream it was huge and yummy and i couldnt bend my knees to get in the car afterwards i was so full!
Sunday I had pasta bolognaise for lunch and sausage sandwhich before bed... was too tired to cook properly (n)
Helz said:
Yum :D I am envious of your Asda bargains, I didn't find any today :([/QUOTE

Finished work at 9.00pm last thursday and nipped in to Asda on't way 'ome. Got a full spit roast Barbequed Chicken for £1.04, a Naan Bread as big as a pillow case for 10p and a Rhubarb Pie for 15p. Stuffed me face and couldn't shift meself from t'sofa. Pogged.:D