Oh dear, this could be expensive?

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Oh dear, this could be expensive?

Oct 1, 2017
Edinburgh Scotland
I've had my HP laptop for a few years now (maybe 4 or 5?) and the battery has been failing for the last month or so. Just steadily reducing in capacity. It's now bringing up a plain printed screen with 601 every time I wake the computer up telling me the battery is not holding charge and needs to be replaced. The computer still works fine if I keep it plugged into the charger though.

My old Toshiba (only other laptop I've ever owned) also suffered a failed battery and I bought a "bargain" for it on ebay which lasted for about 6 months before it too gave up - it never worked as well as the original either.

With this unfortunate experience in mind can anyone recommend a reliable supplier where I can buy a new battery for my HP which is of good quality and save a wee bit on the price at the same time?
What model is it? A google search should give you a rough idea of how much they are and by going through a cashback website you could save around 10%

If your laptop is of this age it’s probably better to look for a new one. Depending on what it’s used for (ie if your not gaming) you should be able to pick one up in the sales and that’ll see you for the next 4-5 years ��
HP 15s-eq1520sa 15.6" Laptop - AMD Athlon, 128 GB SSD, Black £299 at currys

Just an example
Thanks for that folks. It's an HP 15-ab289sa, Corei5 with 2 TB hard drive runs on win 10. It was a Currys post Christmas special offer at the same price of the one you've featured Harry. I just use it for browsing and ordering parts, emails, storing pictures - I also have a NAS for backup - participating in our forum activities and using MES and VCDS. Sometimes I'll stream video content from you tube. Certainly don't do anything "heavy" like gaming etc.

I'm nervous about buying from ebay etc after catching a cold with both the Toshiba battery and one I bought for my digital camera - both turned out to be rubbish!
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