Technical Odd behavior 1999 Brava Auto

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Technical Odd behavior 1999 Brava Auto


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Dec 4, 2021
Hi All
Newbie here with a rather strange problem Brava 1600 Automatic 1999

A few weeks ago was driving along and got a strange vibration under load {it felt like a rear wheel drive car with a broken universal joint in the prop shaft} and lack of power, this happened only briefly, before the engine stalled. Restarted the engine ok and put the gearbox in drive and the engine revs dropped off and stalled again, restarted and it did it again. 3rd time it went into drive and pulled away quite happily.

Since this it has not been so much of a problem, BUT

more recently driving hasn't been so bad, but, when braking the same vibration has been felt, and the engine revs drop very low, which causes some lack of power when accelerating

Any advice, thoughts, or comments welcome



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Jan 18, 2012
The 1.6 is known for injectors going out. Happened to me and ran on and off 3 cylinders until I swapped used one in, quite a job as lower intake needs to come out. Sometimes the injector can be measured from the five pin connector between the intake and the battery, I think they are supposed to be 14 ohm or something like that on resistance.
Could be normal issues like old parkplugs or coil going out with weak spark (also had to swap mine, it is an easy job).
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