Technical Occasional low squeeky/whine at speed,any ideas?

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Technical Occasional low squeeky/whine at speed,any ideas?


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Mar 11, 2005
i've just bought a V reg Mk 1 and have noticed a low intermittant squeeky/whiney noise when driving(mostly at slightly higher speeds,35-60 for ex).It seems to often coincide with turning the wheel to the left,but always dissapears as quickly as it appears.Any ideas??

it's the canister at the right hand side of your engine bay down near the radiator

large plastic rectangular can with a valve on top and some blue pipes cuming out of it

when they purge the evaporative loss canister the valve sometimes makes a noise with the gas traveling through it this is something my punto use to do untill I gave it a new one

it probably isn't actually

does it change or go away when you dip the clutch

can you go see if you can make it do it again then dip the clutch and see what happens to it or change gear and see what happens too it

just to rule out a few things

could always be a wheel bearing also

wind down your windows and see if you can hear it any better

it's amazing how much noise they shut out

sounds like drive train when i think about it only when turning left and such
Thanks for all that littlepip(y)
Would you believe it,i've driven it 3 times since reading your post and it just hasn't done it-sod's law!
It doesn't seem to be absolutely exclusively when turning left,but it does seem to have some correlation with the sound occuring
I will pay more attention next time it happens and try to narrow it down re when/how it occurs.I think i'll take it for a bit of a longer run later and hopefully it'll happen.
If you could keep an eye on this thread,i'd appreciate it:) (y)
Ok,it did it again so i rolled down the windows and made notes...
Firstly it seems to occur when the car is good and warmed up,ie after a good 20+ minutes.
It was making the noise quite consistently when i was in traffic doing about 25-30mph.When i changed gear and depressed the clutch the noise continued-this didn't seem to have any effect on it.
Like i said,it often seems to occur when turning left also.
My initial guess is wheel bearings(?).
Any ideas??
well the fact you have released the clutch and no difference means you have ruled out tensioner bearings and clutch release bearing so you will want to be looking around the wheel bearing or brakes kind of area could be a simple back plate rubbing on the disk check the brake pad thickness also
Cool,thanks very much for your help(y)
Well,it passed its MOT today without any problems so obviously its not too serious.
My mechanic reckons its the brake pads as the MOT bloke said they were quite corroded,but would they make that kind of noise noise even when the brakes aren't on?
possibly if they are non fiat parts or the cylinder may be slightly seized but this would show on brake test for mot

take it down the road at about 80 and brake hard to a stop see if it goes away sometimes a bit of heat will sort them
Sorry,i meant brake discs,not pads(what's what in that respect?).
Thanks for the advice,but i can't think of a situation where i could safely brake to a halt from 80 :eek: lol!
It could be a tensioner pully on the engine, they tend to whine if there not lubricated. Take it for a spin down the motorway.
well just leave your braking a little later than usual on the dual carriage way exits
I got brake fade on my punto 60s last week acelerating to 100 and back to 30 for the roundabouts on a large stretch of straight roads with roundabouts in between near Heasham power station
Took it on the motorway and it didn't make the noise at all at motorway speeds(70-80).
It wont be a pully then as it would get louder, the faster you go, same if it was a wheel baring.
Thanks for all the advice(y)
God,its so baffling as it is just so inconsistent(the noise).I drove 80 miles on the motorway from london to hastings yesterday and all along the M25 its fine,and cruises impeccably,but as soon as i was doing lower speeds as i approached hastings the noise started really quite loudly and persistently.
I can't understand why the noise only really occurs at lower speeds.
I will try the handbrake thing.
I probably should just bite the bullet and take it to my mechanic,but i'd like to be a bit more specific than just say 'My car's making a funny noise..' lol.
Does the noise go away when you press the brake? I have bad brake squealing from my mk 2 caused by the brake pads as when you brake, the pads grip firmly on the disc but when in normal diving the pads are sitting between the piston and disc so they sometimes tend to rattle and cause a squeal! Copper grease usually helps as it holds the pad to the piston stoping it from rattling between the disc and piston!

Hope this helps!
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