General Numpty question about centre console

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General Numpty question about centre console


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Oct 22, 2004
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Haven't been abl to find any clear pics of whether this centre console I have just bought from a couple breaking a 90ELX on the puntosports forum is all here.

THey have sent me console, and all the gubbins including mounting brackets and all the screws/allen bolts even sent me the middle vents/ducting/switchs and heater knobs. However they seem to have left out the handbrake bit, my S model handbrake cover won't fit and has a closed end, where the GT console seems to have an open end for the handbrake bit to go in?

Anyway all works fine, but colour is about 18shades of grey lighter, is this the only colour they come in?
yeah the handbrake cover is different... Mine was anyway

mine seems to match the rest quite well


you can just about see the handbrake bit on there aswell
Can you by this bit from from a fiat dealer. If you can how much will it cost
the whole bit of GT type console I reckon would be about £60 odd from a dealer (not including gaitors and gearknob).

Oh BTW where do I get a replacement knob? I wanted the leather one from the coupe but the shaft is way bigger on the coupe, and would look cock with the grey gaitor. I would settle for another std punto knob if they don't cost the earth, like £6 would be doable, if its over £10 then I might as well get an aftermarket one, but I don't want a really stylish one as the car really doesn't deserve it, the scimitar might though:chin:
They did 2 different shades of grey on the punto dashboards, i think up to about R reg they were the light grey and then after that they went dark grey. Softwarez has the same problem as you but he has the light dashboard with a dark console, you should do a swop (y) ;)