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Tuning Novitec turbo kit


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Jul 28, 2017
So I recently got a hold of a high boost (0,5 bar) Novitec kit which I am planning to install on my 1108 spi Cinq, and have got a few questions regarding it.

Kit consists of:
ihi rhb4 turbo
novitec intercooler
turbo exhaust manifold
inlet manifold with 2nd injector
Novitec techtronik piggyback ecu
3 bar fuel pump

1st question:
Other than a decompression plate and gaskets, what would I need for the conversion?

2nd question:
Along with the Novitec piggyback came what looks like wiring for the whole engine bay. I assume I wont need to change out any wiring as the piggyback just needs to be connected to the factory ecu?

3rd question:
I assume I should install a 3 bar map sensor along with the 3 bar fuel pump?
Would this really even matter as the Novitec piggyback wouldn't know what to do with the extra fuel? (I'm guessing Novitec used the standard size fuel pump?)

4th question:
Where and how is the turbo oil feed line connected?

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Answer to Q1:
Money money and more money
Decent tyres to put the extra power down without spinning up....suspension and brakes?

Answer to Q3:
Yes I think you need a 3 bar MAP sensor, obviously the originals were meant to read a vacuum.

Answer to Q4:
Take the oil feed from the top plug on the front of the oil pump, using whatever hose fittings you have available or get made up.
Return it back to the sump using a welded on fitting to suit the hoses.
3 bar map sensor has nothing to do with the 3bar fuel pump. The Novitec kits actually came in different generations, the newer ones did not need the extra injector (I am still not sure how that was solved) and had their own MAP sensor (2 bar if memory serves me well). In any case, you need to do a bit more research on which exact setup you got and what is its operational principle. Regardless of the possible language barrier, I'd suggest seeking help in Germany ;)

You will need truck loads of money for the small bits and pieces that are missing, but that you will only find out in the process.

Oh, and 0.5 is not high boost ;) Not by today's standards and Cinq tuning knowledge :D
IIRC the Tectronic you have from Søren (take a wild guess: who am I? :mrgreen: ) intercepts the signal to the MAP-sensor and the Oxygen-sensor (lambda) and thereby affect the main ECU's interpretation of what's going on with the engine (i.e. fuelling control).
If this is the case it should have two (physically) small potentiometers on the print - just open it up and have a look.
I'm uncertain how the Tectronic controls the extra injector, TBH.

woj has much more experience with this than me. Listen carefully, lol.

A boost gauge will likely be of great help - that's another reason I was planning on using the DET3 piggyback rather than the Tectronic; to gain electronic boost control and perhaps wire in a warning-LED in case boost crossed a certain threshold.

The 3 BAR pump should let you split the fuel line and supply both injectors with plenty of pressure. The SPI-unit has a built-in FPR.
Søren's had a sort of "pressure step-up thingamajig" for the 2nd injector, letting him use the original pump with lower pressure in some way.
You might need some sort of FPR for the 2nd injector with a 3 BAR pump - I'm not sure.

As stated, my plan was to use a Punto 75 MPI head and injectors on boost with the SPI-throttle body on top to handle things off boost.
Hej Jesper :)

It´s a lot of stuff to take in, but getting down to business would probably solve most of my concerns. :D
Wouldn´t I still be able to use a electronic boost controller despite running the tectronic? (think we touched on this when I bought the parts from you(?))

Will probably have some questions along the way so I might contact you with those, if you´d be kind enough to help me out :)
You can definitely still use an electronic boost controller (such as the Innovate kit), but it is of little use and has high risk potential if you don't at least have control over fuelling. More air requires more fuel - otherwise you lose parts rather than gain power.

In short, a P75 setup with control over both fuelling and ignition timing is what puts you in 110-130HP territory. Hence EcuMaster DET3... This is also why Søren ended up with a P75 head, Omex ECU kit and an electronic boost controller, basically giving him two programmes; 130HP w/boost control and 100HP with the manually set waste gate pressure when the controller is switched off.

The Tectronic with a 2nd injector basically keeps ignition knock and detonation under control via tonnes of fuel with the aid of the lowered compression ratio.
cento.world still has some active turbo-enthusiasts so if German doesn't scare you ...

I believe there should be a pressure sensor of some sort in the intake manifold. This is used to trigger the 2nd injector.

Also, I recall someone mentioning the use of a 3k ohm resistor on the MAP-sensor signal wire; perhaps you can find one in the Tectronic wire loom, somewhere? You keed to go through it thoroughly, anyway. There's no guarantee you got everything with it.

I also recall the use of a 2 BAR MAP-sensor from the Fiat Coupe turbo. Perhaps it was used for the Novitec version without the 2nd injector?!