Northwest meet 2006

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Northwest meet 2006

Oct 25, 2003
Right, has come to that time again.

Last year we had an excellent Northwest stop over (sat/sun) in february and fun was had by all.

We were going to have another meet at Blackpool later that year but I think too much was going on so it never happened :(

So if you are interested in another stop over possibly could consider Blackpool again then post here, or if you have any suggestions of anywhere else then please do so.

I was thinking maybe a meet late march/early april.

So.... over to yous :)
the beasto said:
well ive gotta cinq and should of hopefully passed my test by then (seen as how its at the end of jan)
Well if you havent passed your test and you still want to come i am sure someone can give you a lift :)

I might be able to depending on which way me and H go :chin: i work at birchwood anyway :)
jakelewis2670 said:
Why not select a few dates for a vote.:slayer:

Bit early yet... just want to gauge who is up for going... if people suggest a few dates then can put them to a vote. This is for just throwing some ideas together first :)
I have a general interest in Fiats :D and would be up for a NW meet if possible. Blackpool would be.....perfect! But im not sure when everything starts to open.
brooklands is at end of april, so before that would be great, i would only be able to make a sunday though but blackpool sounds good

if pleasure beach aint open how about another theme park visit
sammiboo said:
I dont think it snows much in blackpool too much salt ;)

I can remember when one year the winter was soooo cold that even the sea frozen can remember chavs with lexarse lights on theyre sleighs :p