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Nokia 7610 For Sale

Is it? :eek: was just going by general price of postage other ppl have put on their auctions tbh because i dont have a clue :eek: will see if can change it
lol ghost you naughty boy.i can send an xbox for £11 standard parcels ;)
Actually meant to put recorded delivery too :( not quite got the hang of this selling lark, i've got spending too much money on there to a fine art though lol :p
recorded delivery not safe enough, use special, an you can charge for time to wrap and petrol to post office as well :)
uno_94 said:
expect to have the winner moan, lol, i used to do that and they all demanded the extra money back, it will probably cost about £3-4.

No wonder you want the postage down, you are bidding on it and are skint :D
for anything valuable always use special delivery.
recorded is only proof of delivery,it travles with normal mail.there is no tracking whatsoever.special delivery is tracked all the way and travels seperatly
just add to the listing you made an error and amend the price or cancel the auction and re list