Technical Noisy front suspension - normal?

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Technical Noisy front suspension - normal?


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Jan 31, 2006

Recent proud owner of a 54 plate B in silver with black leathers.... nice! Only 12000miles when I bought her and just had her first service.

When driving at low speeds, say <20mph, over rough surface, the front suspension is quite noisy. I am not an expert by any means, but it sounds like an old Polo that I used to have which had problems with worn wishbone bushes.

The noise is equal on both sides of the car, and can't be felt through the steering wheel or through the chassis, and is masked when the radio is switched on fairly low. Obviously its masked when the hood is down! :) Smooth surfaces and higher speeds - no problem.

I can live with the noise if I know that there's no underlying problem! Steering is straight as a die and the brakes pull up nicely. Tyre wear is even and well within limits.

Anyone any advice or tips?
Hi - great avatar!

The best way to describe it is as a dull knock when running over rough surfaces. Noisy enough to be tedious after a while (to the extent that you deliberately avoid manholes etc.) with radio off and roof up.

Just trying to work out if this is normal as this is my first Fiat!
knocks should be looked at, squeaks are usually nothing to worry about but a knock is usually a worn or loose something

My Barc (recently required year 2000, 25000 km) has exactly the same clunky sound when going slowly over manholes etc. I have had the suspension checked but apparently it's "supposed" to be like that. On the overall, I am surprised how hard and unforgiving the suspension generally is. It's a lot of fun when driving at 40+ kms but not much fun below. I have chalked it up as a charm of the car. :cool:

Ah - that's encouraging!

Decided to get it checked out as soon as it needs to go in for another reason (service, tyres or whatever) but won't worry unless it gets worse.

I also noticed that it seems to be worse when the temperature is cold? Or am I imagining things?!!! :confused:
Well... I took it into my local Fiat dealer (who were very nice, and were all over the 'B' as they'd never had one in before) who spent 2 hours confirming that all was well with the suspension, bearings and everything else that could be contributing to the noise.

Did they find the cause? No.

Instead they suggested that the "dampers" were replaced, which they arranged to do under warranty a few days later.

WOW! What a difference! Not only has the noise gone, but the car feels so much more sprightly! Maybe I was overcompensating for the noise by driving like a pensioner but now its running like the wind.

Well happy! Especially as I've found a decent dealership! ;)
Excellent, good to hear its all fixed then mate, no more driving like an OAP(y)