No one like christmas parties then?

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No one like christmas parties then?

Im on it LOL.

Get your names up everyone. The Yorkshire meet is going to be a good one (y).
Its a 20 minute blast up the road for me (y).

Wonder if the weather will be nice to make use of my skyroof :D. Im still using it.
Actually I'll agree it's not that far, usual stop for newcastle run is Woolley Edge services just before the M62. Providing M1 is clear, only take 3 hours.

Agree though, always have to strike a balance on location. It'll please some and annoy others :)
I agree there. Xscape is a good place to meet in yorkshire. easy to find, get to, and lots of useful facilities :D.
Im gonna be down south in taunton/bath from tuesday till about friday/saturday depending upon how long relatives will let me holiday with them for :D. So you could say that i am travelling 240 miles to the meet :rolleyes:. Even though i will have been at home in Snaith for one night.
240 miles, maybe not then.

is there the ski/snowboard slope at that Xscape? :chin:
There sure is. I dont ski or snowboard though so have never been :rolleyes:, according to my friend though its quite good.
You could go after we have finished all the bowling/laser questing/food etc :D
why not drive up the day before, go snowboarding that day evening, then stay in a cheap hotel, and come meet next day? :)
I'm liking your thinking.

Ever thought about a career in selling? ;)
Minehead was around 300 miles if not a bit more for us but we still did it both was around 600miles :eek: . And frank has travelled further to be on the stand for some of the shows.

Cant please all but with Xscape having easy access etc then its not like is in the middle of nowhere.

Thanks for the mention though dave :eek: