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Technical No Heat!


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Jan 30, 2006

Ive been having a problem with my heaters lately, even on full heat they will only blow out freezing cold air! this is really annoying during these cold months!! not sure what controls the heat? would it be the thermostat?!:confused:

let us know if ya can help!

umm, dont appear to be, where would i find an airlock? does it get messy or a job or a novice?!
usually a sign your headgaskets gonna go:(

I had a trickling noise coming from passenger footwell area, got the system bled, thought it would be fine, then a few weeks later I had no hot air, followed by temp warning light, changed the thermostat, was fine for about a day, had same cold air/warning light problem again, headgasket went, cost me alot of money, sold the bloody car:D
ah no!! just bout to get some bodywork done too! umm, mite get it checked out first, there isnt really anyother problems like that. the thermostat guage seems to still work too.:(

lol glass half empty guy.yes it CAN be a warning of HG probs but no reason to look at the worst ;)
there should be at least one bleed valve in the coolant pipes to allow any air to be bled out(just like home radiators)
also check under the oil cap for mayo type stuff and oil floating on top off the coolant in the expansion tank
Mine has been the same for about 4 months, isnt h/g

Bleed the system, check the pipes for leaks etc., maybe heater matrix is blocked?
Right then, where abouts would i find the heater matrix? im not to clued up under the bonnet? is it a case for the mechanic?

Dash out job, just check theres no water leaking in the footwells, if not, then its not the heater matrix

Ive heard of putting soda crystals in the coolant, as it will clear the heater matrix as it maybe blocked, but im too sure as this may cause other problems