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General Nice Phone call!!


Stilo Possee
Jun 21, 2004
Just have a call from the garage, my stilo has 'fixed itself'
Despite me telling them yesterday and asking to look at the car, and them not even beleiving me i got a confession of "i think you were right with what you said yesterday about the connector"
Anyway, at least its ok and i can pick it up today, will get pics up for you all
Well I suppose thats good news :confused:

Best thing to do is to insulate D4 (I expect it's dried up now and working again). In a few hours you'll be one happy chappy :D
Nice one Sam.

Lets hope you don't get an airbag sensor warning on the way home ;)
Yes mine was in on Friday came out with no lights and now its back in this morning with light back on [deep joy] :cry:
Bless em though :p

Our family have had 5 Stilos so far, think we are all gluttons for punishment :D
all back, took it out for a spin and love the smoothness, no warning lights (touch wood) will get some pics up soon tho