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General Newbie with some questions...


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Jan 26, 2006
South Wales
Hey there everyone! I'm new here as you can see and I'm looking at buying a Doblo.

Was wondering a few things about them, I've done a lot of research already but nothing like asking the people who own them.

What are the engines like in terms of servicing? Anyone service themselfs?
How long do brake pads/disks normally last? How easy in terms of replacement?
I've heared of the tyres not lasting very long due to uneven wear, anyone put any heavy load rated tyres on? Has this cured the problem?

I'm sure I'll think of more as I go along. Had a lovely one last weekend, £5000, 30,000 miles, 1 Owner, FSH... But was financially unable to buy it at that particular time. Anyone know any good sites on the internet to look for one? Or any good places in South Wales where theya ctually have any?

Many thanks in advance, Ozzie :)
What are the engines like in terms of servicing?

We have an elx 1.9jtd.
All it really needs is oil and filter every 12000. that costs us just under 200 quid usually.

How long do brake pads/disks normally last?
How heavy are you on them?

anticipate obstacles ahead and your brakes will not wear as fast. Ours has 46000 miles on the clock, and we've had new front pads. They were done at 36000. They did have life in them however we wanted to see them changed.

How easy in terms of replacement?
Brakes are no different to any modern car, although exercise caution on abs fitted cars, take care not to damage any abs sensors/wiring.

I've heared of the tyres not lasting very long due to uneven wear, anyone put any heavy load rated tyres on? Has this cured the problem?

Well, ours is'nt heavy on tyres, we don't drive it heavily.
It does'nt carry anywhere near its maximum payload ever.
We're running car tyres on ours.
A front wheel drive car with a big heavy diesel engine is bound to be heavy on tyres.
The doblo has a wide front track and the wheels are towed in noticeably at the top.

Despite so called "tyre wear" issues it goes like the clappers and handles in a manner which defies its bulk. Its a powerful engine, and driving titchy 14" wheels its bound to eat tyres. Drive smoothly and you'll see the benifits both in economy, comfort.

I say buy one though, you will never buy any other kind of car afterwards (doblo convert)

Hope my slightly messy post helps you in your search for a doblo.

Happy motoring.
No that's great thank you very much, it was very helpful.

I will probably be buying one, just got to find the right one at the right price at the right time... Near impossible as here in South Wales they seem to be very rare at the moment! :)
Don't go for the 1.9 non turbo or the 1.2 petrol, they are both underpowered.
Also the front tyres last only 20,000 miles & the rears 45,000-50,000.
Yeah, I've read that in quite a few places now.

My local main dealer swore against the non-turbo diesel and the petrol, he recommended the 1.9 JTD, and I've been looking ever since.

I suppose 20,000 isn't too bad for the tyre wear, my friend only gets 9000 out of her diesel fiesta but that's on low profiles with alloys.

Many thanks for your help :) Anything else I should know anyone?
My tyres lasted 28000 miles and I replaced with Pirelli CitiNets Hi-Load tyres and barely any wear 18,000 miles later. Little noisier though.

1.9 JTD Doblo is fantastic to drive and much quicker than it looks or should be.

The only thing I would say is try to get one with ABS as they are heavy on the front and can lock wheels at times. ABS only standard from 2004 model year.


Don't rule out the 1.3v multijet, in new form its now 82 bhp ABS as standard , the round town figures mpg etc are great.... if you've not got alot to carry or don't go on mw everyday it's worth considering, cheap tax and ins too.... the family verison (7seater) either 1.3 or 1.9 jtd go for alot more money..
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Cheers to you both for your comments.

I'm looking at an 02/03 low mileage 1.9JTD, I will be carry a load, although not heavy, about twice a week, and probably 5 passengers most of the time. Although not a lot of motorway driving there will be some.

As im looking at 02/03's (cause that's all I can afford) I may have to do without the ABS unfortunately although I will take this into account when I'm looking.

As far as the tyres go I might put some alloys on eventually but I will definately check out those tyres you mentioned NottsCharger so thanks for that!