General Newbie questions about abarth!

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General Newbie questions about abarth!


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Sep 3, 2007
Hi all, im looking to buy a Stilo Abarth in the next few weeks! can you give me an idea of what to look for? are there known problem areas?
Thanks in advance fellas(y)
When u take one a test drive drive make sure u take it down a bumpy road or one with speed bumps and listen out for any knocking from suspension eg(springs,shocks,cv joint etc). When u start the engine look out for any warning lights on dash eg(airbag etc) HAPPY HUNTING!.

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Make sure that all relevant recall work has been done.

You can get the recall list here. If it were me, I'd print a copy of the list and take it with you for reference whenever you go to view a vehicle.
Use the search. Pretty sure I put a comprehensive list on here for someone like fasterdad.
Yes he did, and very helpful too. Know the proud owner of an Abarth.:) Just lookat my threads.(y)
(y) Cheers fellas! cant wait to find a good one now:D
do the semi auto gears give any trouble?
Also a bit confused by the prices:confused: seem to be from 2.5k for an 02 reg - 4.5k then around 5k for one with the sunroof thats only a year newer! what should i be paying for say a 2003 with all the toys?
Thanks again! will have lot more questions when i get one!
Price wise down to the usuall condition,mileage,service history, private/garage, etc,etc. I imagine a 52/03 plate in the region of £4-5.5k depend on private or dealer. As for the semi auto or not that is a personal preference they do have more toys than the manual but are more prone to problems!!! Plenty of info on here just take a look around. Good luck it took me a while but you will get one. (y)
Should i stay away from cars around 3k? seems to be a lot of 02/52 with approx 60-70k for that!
At the end of the day as with any car just depends on how much you want to spend. Nothing wrong with higher mileage cars make sure they have been serviced correctly and get someone to check it over with you as it is easy to let your heart rule your head and a second pair of eyes will see thing that you might miss.;)
As mentioned in another thread a well looked after car will look after you!