General Newbie on the Punto forum,some questions about mine...

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General Newbie on the Punto forum,some questions about mine...


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Mar 11, 2005
Hi all,
after selling my trusty but troublesome Cinq,i've just bought what seems to be a very nice V reg(late Mk1) Punto 'Team'.
Its had one owner since new and we got it for a damned bargain of a price if i do say so,as we know someone who works at the local Fiat main dealer.It was a p/x that they otherwise were just going to bung in the auction,so we got first refusal.
Anyway,i have a few q's-
Firstly,what is the deal with the 'Team' name?I know its a special edition and earlier S and T plates i've seen have the 'Team' graphics on the side of the car but mine doesn't and by all means seems to just be a standard 'Punto S',but the logbook says 'Punto S Team'.Just curious really as it seems to be a bit of a discrepency,was there any actual difference between the 'S' spec and the 'Team' spec?or were they the same on those late Mk 1s?
Also,this may sound silly but did Punto's actually come with floor mats?I ask because mine doesn't have any so i went to a scrappy and the 4 old Puntos there didn't have any either,which i thought was an odd coincidence.
Also,there's a slight occasional whine coming from the drive,any ideas?
Lol,well its not that i don't like cinq's but when my clutch cable went for the second time in as many months i just though 'i'm not sure i can be arsed with this anymore',lol.That and the water it seemed to be loosing,and the alternator which i just replaced,and the prospect of yet another emissions-failure-nightmare M.O.T(despite a new Lamda and Cat),and all that motorway juddering,and that calf-muscle-workout clutch,and that....ok i'll shut up;)
I think that the team just had a couple of extra bits....headrests maybe and does yours have electric windows and colour coded bumpers??

And nope, mats are bought for extra...desira fiat still do the mk1 mats...if not the mk2 mats fit (at a push)...

btw welcome the punto bit :D
"Team" editions are kind of mid way between an S and an SX

They have cloth headrests, rev counter, temp guage, purple/blue centre dash and air vents, clear front indicators, and the worst ever upholstery known to man (or woman) kind :yuck: Also has the ELX style steering wheel (but without radio controls) and 14" steel wheels and hubcaps unique to the Team.

however they have manual windows, no central locking, rear seat is all one piece, no boot light, black bumpers and no front fogs.

the Team stickers also seem to be an optional extra...
Ahh,well you learn something new every day-i always thought mats were standard,i'll have to have a hunt for some.
Thanks for the info on the 'Team' model,i much prefer the 'ELX' style wheel-much nicer looking than the standard one which resembles a cheap toy in my opinion lol.
The 'Team' hubcaps are definitely the coolest of the Punto hubcaps,and i like how,from the side, they instantly identify it as a late model rather than a clunky old M reg:D
I think the interior is quite quirky,although the Blue does seem a bit odd on a red car.
Also,is it not possible to for the passenger side door to be locked manually ie pull handle up and push nob down?
Punto doors have to be shut to be locked so either lock it from the drivers side while your in-situ or with the key...also did the team get the GT/Sporting/elx centre console with vents in the sides?
Thanks for that.
I'm afraid i don't know the difference between the centre consoles.The one on my 'Team' looks pretty standard looking(or do you mean the digital clock and light console above the windscreen?).