Newbie In Need Of Some Help

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Newbie In Need Of Some Help


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Oct 16, 2007
Just purchased a 51 plate Fiat Stilo, with the Connect Nav+ system. Everything seems to work at the moment but I cannot get the Sat nav system to work. I have read some of the posts on here and checked the service menu and except CD changer and SIM card all were green ( no card inserted 5 during check) and now I know have an old software system 7.5 ( yes Noah was a lad when this was installed etc etc...)

Now maybe I am being a numpty but my I cannot get a route from work to home. I got my home address inputed and could see it on the map function. But the GPS system does not seem to know where the car actually is??? i Zoom out and all I see is bland landscape.

When checking the info page it gives longitude and latitude, and the compass turns around, but number of satellites is blank or zero.

Have I missed something basic? I have read through the manual but that does not seem to have any trouble shooting help

Any help would be appreciated