Newbie checking in ;-)

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Newbie checking in ;-)


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Jan 24, 2023
Thornton-Cleveleys, NW England
Hi All,

I'm Chris and I'm a newbie on here but an oldie in general. Just checking in and saying hello. Previously had a 595 and looking for another one at the moment to mess about with and tune. I've had many normally aspirated and turbo'd cars over the years and previously used to modify and build race and rally car engines successfully in a part-time capacity for a number of competitors some years ago. My background is in aircraft engineering as a Toolmaker and more recently as a Production Engineer and 3D designer/CADCAM Engineer with a foray in the automotive sector for a number of years. I like technical and logical things with cars, factual stuff that can be verified and not guess work. Hopefully you're not asleep :sleep: now LOL :cool: