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Seicento New Toy Schumi No.1911


1st Post.
New Toy. 2002. Schumi No.1911. 53,000.miles. Pretty much immaculate condition. Not even a scratch on any of the hard plastics. After-market steering wheel looks nice, but boy is it tiny. Photos in gallery.

My neighbor who's a mechanic said the 1st thing I should do is remove the K & N air Filter, as he says Fiat knows best, and though it may sound nice, it isn't doing any good for my engine.

Though on the pics the color looks great, there are parts that are more pinkish (with sun-fade I guess). Is this just cloudy top coat? Will polishing bring back the original vivid color? Thanks. J

Here we are...
I doubt K&N will do any harm to the engine...
I think a good polish with a polishing machine and some good Gtechinq product should revive the paint
Great little car
Great car!
Do you know where I can get the sporting pedals like yours?
Very nice car !!

If you ever decide to part from the open air filter, I am very prepared to get it of your hands then ;)