Styling New speakers mk2, Alpine SPS 170A

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Styling New speakers mk2, Alpine SPS 170A


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Jan 20, 2006
Hi i have just bought some new Alpine SPS 170A speakers for my mk2 punto from Ebay. I was wondering if these will fit properly, they are 6.5 inches/16.5cm, or will i have to get bigger pods and mounting brackets?? Going in front door if u haven't already guessed.

Oh and has anyone tried these speakers? Any good?

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I think I have the component version of these, and I would say that you need the new pods to fit them, as the window will catch on the magnet
I've just looked around on the net and it says the "mounting depth" is 2.25". Is this too big??
Just looked at a picture of them, and I would say the magnet is too wide to fit in the hole in the door. Buy the speaker pods and your sorted. If I was you I would consider getting components instead of those...
Thanks 4 the advice, do u know where i can get some speaker pods from. I really need to get rid of these factory speakers they sound awful!

I just found this website that is selling a punto mk2/3 speaker upgrade kit. Inside the alpine sps 170a are included and they say that they fit with no trouble?
Hmmm maybe they will then! I have got some Infinity coaxials sat next to me that are shallow mount, and the magnets look much smaller than the Alpine ones. But if that site says it fits then fair enough.
Look on ebay for the adapters IF you need them
Well if they don't fit i'll get those, had a look at the fitting today, not much room in there. Can't believe it is 55 quid tho, but i could get some really big ones in there.

Thanks for your help!
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