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New speakers and amp


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Feb 5, 2005

I'm looking to install new speakers in the front doors of my MK2 Punto. Looking at these Alpine Type R's ( i know the size in right for the door, but where would be the best place for the tweeters?

Also, the front door speaker pods, will i need the autoleads speaker pods to fit these? there any way of showing off the actual alpine grill, as the standard and autoleads speaker pods have a grey cover on them?! (the alpine one looks alot better!! lol!)

looking to match it with this amp ( in the long run!!

Anyone else done anything like this, with these speakers? and pics!!??

Thanks for the help in advance!!

tomweise said:
but where would be the best place for the tweeters?

That depends on how much effort you're willing to put in!

Whip the blutack out and try them in different places before fitting them, examples:

A pillar, facing you
A pillar, facing each other
Door, facing you
Kick panel, facing you

As for the amp, as I mentioned in a the JBL Sub thread, try looking out for an old 2nd hand Alpine V12, they're better!

With the £££ you save on that you can spend more on the comps upfront and relish in the sound quality!
Cheers, sounds like a good plan!! lol! How would you fit them in the A piller though? Where do you think would be the best? would they fit in the old tweeter holes in the front doors? any good here...or not? lol!

2nd hand sounds good, but do you mean the old V12 amps? or a new one..but 2nd hand? lol!

Anyone else got any answers to the other questions?

Fitting them in the A pillar requires a bit of fibreglass work and a retrim. I'm sure they'll sound just fine in the factory location, if they fit then it'll save a lot of work.

I meant old second hand on the amp front, check out some of the Ebay links I posted in the JBL Sub thread under this post (y)

I had a V12 amp (the version before the current one) and it was a great little amp, the earlier models were that little bit better still. If in doubt, ask on here first before commiting :)

Those Type R speakers are good, but you can do better, especially if you save on the amp.
Just looking at thouse links now!! not sure i'm upto fibreglassing, would look good though!! :)

What do you rekon are the best i could get then? got a budget of about £90ish for the speakers, and..about £150 for an amp, or...about £240 overall! lol!

I would prefer to stick to alpine, bit of a traditionalist at heart!! but..any other ideas will be looked at and contemplated deeply!! lol!