Technical New Seicento with a problem !!! Help !!

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Technical New Seicento with a problem !!! Help !!


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Nov 4, 2007
Hello All

New to forum, great reading.(y)

Just purchased an X reg sporting Seicento ( yesterday ) wee bit of history of car. Covered 25,000 miles, had a small front end smash, no engine just panel damage, 18 mnths ago & was written of on a cat 'D' by insurance company. Person I purchased from had car from salvage yard, did work & all was Ok. Sold car on e.bay ( to me ! ) then yesterday when I went to pick up the car, admittedly I did turn up early to collect, car wouldn't start! Chap selling had taken car out to fill up with a little petrol but car refused to start at station :cry: ( he has been driving car on borrowed trade plates for a few days earlier with no probs )
Right, now that story is over ( sorry ! ) to the problem. When ignition is turned on code goes out so isn't key problem. Car will turn over but would not fire. As it is fuel injected, normally you will here the fuel pump type whirr at this time but this is not heard. We played about with the relays by ecu, behind the drivers steering wheel, & by the drivers side & suddenly the car fired up. Left it running & drove back from Derby to Hereford ( 110 miles ) with no real problems. Once home car re- started on several attempts, went in for tea then tried again but this time car won't start !!!!!!! :bang: A little light with an injector symbol stays on now when ignition is on.

Pretty damn sure it is something stupid but would really appreciate some input from you lot :worship: as to any ideas of what this may be?

Cheers all
Mark from Hereford
Injector symbol light will stay on until car is started, only worry if it comes on when engine running.

Sounds like the fuel injection relay is playing up, check that the connections are clean and dry.


Cheers D.

Did this ( the relays in the engine bay behind ecu ) & terminals were dirty. Cleaned via wet n dry, re fitted & hey presto, works now!

Magic, eh!

Cheers for that.(y)